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Earthquakes and the World


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Earthquakes are a massive gloabal hazard for the Wolrd as a whole, but the developed world deals with them differently, see how ;

Earthquakes by Andy Higgs (University of Wolverhampton)

Safety -
Although the west, in particular America, experience major earthquake events, their effects in terms of fatality and environmental impact are stunted compared to events in the less deveoloped world.
The sheer ability to predict an event within sufficient time to evacuate an area provides the population with a safety net.
Sadly no such suitable prediction methods are conducted in the less developed world.  There is often little warning of an event, and no evacuation.  Due to the financial nature of these regions, buildings are often poorly constructed and the foundations are instantly destroyed at the initial movement of the earth.

Education is a a key factor in preventing unncessary fatality during an earthquake event.  prevention of such an event is impossible, nature is to strong to dictate, however, precaustionary measures can be taken to prevent the impact of such an event.  In California, USA, much has been done to buildings and constructions to allow extra moveemnt throughout an earthquake, to discourage instant collapse of buildings.  Although it is unlikeley that this kind of technology will ever reach the third world, impreovementsd must be made to support and protect indiginous populations.
Earthquake prediction remains key to preventing further disasters from claiming hundreds of lives the third world.  Technology must be more advanced and communication even more so, to save guard the lives of the less fortunate.
Below - Houses built on stilts in Carolina, USA provide stability in an earthquake scenario.  Deep foundations can resist large amounts of seismic activity before failure.


Earthquake's in the UK -

Earthquakes in the UK are a rare occurance and are rarely of enough to cause severe damage.  However, on the 23rd September 2002, a quake was recorded, with it's epicentre located in Dudley in the West Midlands.

The quake  first registered at 4.8 on the Richter scale but has since been upgraded to 5.0 by the British Geological Survey.

The earthquake - which started at 0054 BST and lasted about 20 seconds - has also been given a revised intensity rating of six compared with the four it was first given. It caused minor damage and was felt across the West Midlands, Wales, North Yorkshire, London, and Wiltshire.



Dudley residents survey the damage.