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Earthquakes by Andy Higgs (University of Wolverhampton)
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An earthquake is defined as the 'shaking of the Earths surface caused by rapid movement of the Earths rocky outer layer' (Encarta 1997)  . Earthquakes occur when energy stored within the Earth, usually in the form of strain in rocks, suddenly releases. This energy is transmitted to the surface of the Earth by earthquake waves.

Global Earthquake Map ;
This is a map of the major plants around the world.  These plates are major centres for earthquake activity, and are the origin of the friction and energy that prevokes the first ground movement, often far out to sea ;

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Destruction -
Above is a picture of an American Sea port after a quake event.  The sheer size iof the crack opened upo in the floor, is a fine example of the elvel of destruction caused by this horrific on to find out more about earthquake disiasters!!!

Earthquakes occur all over the World, affecting some regions more than others, read on to find out who is most effected.....