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Disaster prevention


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Information regarding maintaining safety during and after an earthquake -

Earthquakes by Andy Higgs (University of Wolverhampton)


Secure the safety of yourselves.
Secure your safety by taking shelter in a safe place, such as crouch under a table or a desk promptly.
(2) Turn off all sources of fire quickly.
Turn off any heat sources in use such as gas burners or heating stove, and unplug electrical appliances.
(3) Secure an emergency exit.
Open a door right away to ensure an exit
(4) Put out any fires that may have started immediately.
If it happens, put fire out before it burn into the ceiling as soon as possible. Let's cooperate fire extinguishing in neighborhood as well.
(5) Be sure that the information you receive is correct.
Never be influenced by rumors. Follow the instruction of disaster prevention information on radio or a public broadcasting.
(6) Area cooperation.
Cooperate and help each other in securing and relieving.
(7) Evacuate on foot, and keep your belongs to a minimum.
Driving a car will cause traffic jam, or block the traffic of emergency cars.

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