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After the Stein Nilsen interview appeared on our offcial webisite, Rugeley manager made this statement to the S-League forum;
So said Mike Price tonight after reading the Stein Nilsen interview on Tenby Stars website.
Mike went on to say " Both Stein and i know what went on at the Trent Valley stadium, last season and Fred Wilson the Falcons track man still has the scars to prove it. But if Stein wants to hide away in the speedway backwater of West Wales thats up to him but we both know the truth. As for Henrick Thomsen's comment's, all i can say is the truth sometimes hurt's, i simply pointed out to henrick that he has the potenial to be a future world champion, but so far this season he has performed like a donkey and he needs to buck his idea's up".
I asked mike what he thought of club's publishing, these sort of articles on website's. "Well it's typical of the tenby promotion, their a small club in with financial diffulties and they'll do anything to get publicity in the vain hope they'll pull some punter's in from the local sheep dog trial's".
The Tenby Stars management would like to distance themselves from any form of legal action.  They also would like to publicly dissaprove of Mr Prices comments regarding Steins time at Trent Valley.  It is clear to us that a club such as Rugeley is unable to control and support it's own riders.  Or is it the fumes from the adjacent power station that is affecting the mind set of the Hill Ridware dwellers????
Andy Higgs
Look up to the stars
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